No one said family recipes had to stay on index cards. Transform them into memorable gifts that'll be passed down for generations.

Personalized gifts are one of the most thoughtful ways to honor your loved ones during the holidays. Whether it's Mom's famous chocolate chip cookies or Grandma's flaky biscuits and gravy, the family recipe box is a great place to turn to keep family traditions alive. Shopping for unique gifts can be tough, but these personalized handwritten recipe gifts are some of the best options we found to order this holiday season.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home baker, tea towels are a kitchen staple. While a kitchen towel is usually made of terry cloth, a tea towel is known for its thin cotton or linen material, keeping dishes and silverware lint-free. Etsy seller BlueMountainBags can personalize a flour sack towel to feature your chosen handwritten recipe. Flour sack towels are sturdier tea towels (measuring 27 x 27 inches) that are made from 100% premium cotton fabric. If you're struggling to choose just one recipe, you may want to consider getting a pack of 10, which allows up to 3 recipes per order. Recipe cards with wrinkles and stains are welcome—they will make an authentic touch since the image is transferred to the towels exactly as-is. Crunched for time? These towels ship super fast and should arrive within 1-3 business days.

Skip gifting a plain wood cutting board for one featuring a handwritten recipe that is laser-engraved into the wood. Hand-oiled with butcher block conditioner, this square board is made from U.S. North American maple, a wood that works great for cutting boards thanks to its ability to inhibit bacteria growth and durability. If you decide to use the board for food prep instead of displaying on the counter, simply use soap and water (without submerging) to clean, and wipe down with butcher block oil occasionally to maintain. The decorative iron handles and rubber feet on the underside of the board to prevent movement. Expect about 5-7 days before the shipment of your personalized cutting board.

If Grandma's pumpkin pie is a must-have every Thanksgiving, a pie plate featuring the handwritten recipe will be a family heirloom for years to come. Prairie Hills Pottery will place your recipe to a 10-inch, oven-safe ceramic pie plate. To achieve an authentic vintage look, they use a sepia tone to melt your recipe into the first layer of the glaze during the kiln firing process. Place your order in advance for gifting; the process will take 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

If your family recipe box contains cards as old as some of ours, they're likely showing their age with wrinkles or stains. All of the sellers accept your scanned or photographed recipe card, so you can rest easy knowing you won't have to mail the original. Now to choose which family recipe to use.

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