Getting rained is the worst — and the prospect is made even drearier when you consider that most rainwear is more utilitarian than fashionable. However, it is possible to find rain ponchos that are actually cute — and what could be better than the prospect of staying dry and feeling good, too?

Chances are, you've worn a rain poncho at some time in your life; be it at a music festival, amusement park, or on vacation. Sure, they do their job of protecting you from getting soaked — but by the time you decide that looking kind of silly is preferable to catching a chill, you probably already look like a drowned rat. With the addition of the poncho, it's likely you might resemble a drowned rat wrapped in a plastic bag. Poor you. But don't worry, I've been there too: As a child I had to wear an ugly poncho at Disneyland Paris, which, for some inexplicable reason, was bright yellow. I feel your pain.

Now you're a grown ass woman, it's high time you stopped putting up with ghastly ponchos and found yourself one that you actually like. The days of terrible ponchos are over and we have entered into a new era.

Stylish ponchos really do exist — here are some cute rain ponchos to prove it. So you can finally sing in the rain, rather than weep into a nearby puddle.

Why wear a boring, transparent poncho when you can sport one in millenial pink? For $1, you simply can't go wrong!

If you're going to get a poncho, you might as well invest in one that's made by a company renowned for their rain boots!

Just when you thought ponchos could never be cool, this funnel neck, logo embossed poncho with a high-low hem enters the scene.

Adults Dsposable Eva Waterproof Clothing

This rainbow style poncho is ideal for attending your next Pride Parade or march, especially if the weather's not looking so great.

Say goodbye to your drowned rat days and feel fabulous next time it rains in these super cute ponchos.

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